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New Wave Energy Converter Also Captures the Power of the Sun

There is a new invention just released that captures two types of clean energy with the same device. These inovative energy converters are designed to harness both solar and wave energy. Phil Pauley, founder of design and innovation agency PAULEY, developed the renewable power plant in a bid to drive innovation in the search for clean, sustainable and economically viable sources of energy.


According to Phil the Marine Solar Cells (MSC) are a hybrid solar and wave energy generator with the unprecedented ability to establish photovoltaic power generation off shore. The solar-wave unit captures both wave energy through natural buoyancy displacement and solar energy through photovoltaic cells as natural sun light also reflects from the surface water to increase solar capture by 20%

The solar-wave plant responds to the global need for large-scale renewable energy capture and has huge implications for offshore energy generation and local marine conservation.

This contrasts with conventional solar farms or wave power designs which only harvest one form of power. Hundreds of low-cost solar-wave units would be installed together in off-shore energy batteries or plants generating thousands of jobs and a new solar-marine industry with worldwide implications.

“These hybrid marine generators would be an effective way of capturing more energy per square metre. The design means they could be largely constructed from recycled materials too,” said Pauley.

These innovative hybrid off-shore Marine Solar Cells (MSC) would require minimal maintenance and generate higher energy yields than ever before. At a fraction of the cost in terms of initial and ongoing financial commitment, they represent a huge leap forward.

It will be interesting to see if these hybrid energy devices can make it to the main stream energy grid any time soon.





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