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Posted by on in Animals
The institute’s report said 333 minke whales were captured, including pregnant females. Japan’s actions are in defiance of international criticism and despite a 2014 UN legal decision that ruled so-called scientific whaling activity in the Southern Ocean was a front for commercial hunts. The ...
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Posted by on in Earth Violators
The world's biggest slaughterhouse for endangered whale sharks has been uncovered in southeast China, writes Sophie Morlin-Yron. It's products are being traded across the world in health and cosmetic products. The largest slaughtering facility for Whale sharks ever seen has been uncovered in southe...
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Posted by on in MyBlog
The public hearings in the case concerning whaling in the Antarctic at the International Court of Justice were concluded yesterday. The Court will now begin its deliberation (Press release). The Court Judgment will be issued by this winter. The trial has not attract enough attention from public, ex...
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Posted by on in Wildlife Conservation
  Four Japanese whale-killing, factory ships armed with coast guards and grenade-tipped harpoons are within hours of entering a demilitarized zone and the international Great Southern Ocean Sanctuary. The bloody "War Against Nature" is set to rage. In a world in which the env...
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Posted by on in Animals
  Humpback whales hold the record for the longest migrations in the mammalian world. Now, researchers have found that the paths they follow on those migrations are astonishingly precise - an observation that raises more questions than answers about how they navigate on their lengthy treks. ...
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