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Posted by on in General Environment
Evolution of the first burrowing animals may have played a major role in stabilizing the Earth's oxygen reservoir, according to a new study in Nature Geoscience.   Around 540 million years ago, the first burrowing animals evolved. When these worms began to mix up the ocean floor's sedime...
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Posted by on in General Environment
Long term exposure to a neonicotinoid pesticide damages bees' ability to forage for pollen – and may be changing their choices of which flowers to visit – according to new research published today. The research, conducted at Royal Holloway University of London, monitored bee activity using Rad...
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Posted by on in Animals
FOR a field biologist stuck in the city, the wildlife dioramas at the American Museum of Natural History are among New York’s best offerings. One recent Saturday, I paused by the display for elk, an animal I study. Like all the dioramas, this one is a great tribute. I have observed elk behavior unti...
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